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Hi new member

Daley is the name!

I did it my self along with meney others engine covershons

iv dun a 1.6 on 45s wich was rolingrodid and had 148bhp with a blowan head gascot brocon liter in a nova then puled tha out and then put a 2.0 16v on 48s wich had192bhp now we are doing a2.0 16v turbo wich is in a cav atthe min we have just fited a phase 3 kit wich will make it 315bhp with 6 spead box in a nova it will have a thearetical spead of 196.2mph

And that is just a tast of wat iv dun and in the progres ov doing

Are you english ??.

I have difficulty understanding what you are attempting to say.... Sorry if you are not..

ps, you mention in the for sale section that this 1.4 car is a scooby eater.. me thinks not, unless the scooby was parked up..;)

Yes i am english is just i can not spell for toffey :confused:

its a 1.4 turbo out ov a R5GTT it is runing about 155bhp per tonne

it will not do a scooby off the lights but on the open road up to a bout 125mph coz at the end of the day its a 1.4 and the box is only good for 140mph.

What is it with putting big engines in Novas? Theyre sheds!!1 Surely theres other cars out there better suited to it, well like youve already put a GTT engine in a Clio how about doing some toher non vauxhal conversions, dont you think the Nova thing has been done to death???? Plus just look at there image!

Come on, hows about a 3.0 V6 Turbo in a Clio? 6R4 style, you could even keep the lump in the front as well :)

well it wat he wants like if you want a 3.0 twin turrbo robin reliant i will have a good go

but the botom line is personal prefrence:cool:


  Shiny red R32

Hello and welcome Daley

Jilly and me will help you to learn how to spell correctly!:)
  BMW 320d Sport

Keep up the good work Daley.

BTW Simon - Im not a big Nova fan but then again what would you rather have - a 1.3 SR or a Nova with a whacking great 2.0 converted job?

Joe - cant see why a Clio running a GTT lump couldnt be at least equal to a Scooby under most circumstances. They aint that fast really, if youve got a decent enough engine and a light enough car, once youre off the line it wouldnt be difficult. Theres plenty of tuned up GTTs that are Scooby killers.

Thanks Jilly im geting beter its not that i cant spel im dilexic so my reading is bad to but that dus not bother me all i cere about cars had my house nothin els maters to me and if can not read wat i wright say itas it looks :)


  Shiny red R32

TurboDaley, I cant believe that an adult is as bad at spelling as you are, no wonder Matt thought you were taking the p**s!

Daley you must write out 100 times "I must learn how to spell properly". If you cant spell very well, why dont you type out your message in a word document, put the spell checker on and then copy and paste it here!

Here are some corrections from your previous messages for you to learn!

Ive - myself - many - conversions - done - which - rolling - roaded - blown - gasket - broken - pulled - litre - fitted - theoretical - task - speed - what - progress - toffee - of - running - preference - said - mates - about -


Turbodailey - get the same probs my speeling is well bad. All you others should just smile and let it go!!! Its embrassing have to explain are selfs:oops:

Anysways I know what a clio R5GTT Conversion goes like. I been in torsion tunnings one thats only running 139 me thinks so 155 is a whole new ball game.

the clio is mine but it is off the road at the minet coz i can not get it insured im mabe gona leave it off the road for the winter in les anyone can let me know of a good insurance cumponey


i understand your spelling difficulties, dont listen to anyone, its not a problem at all, and a really cant believe people are having a go even after you explaied,

i can spell OK, but i type very fast so there are loads of mistakes, its not a problem,

dont let it put you off posting as im sure you will be able to offer very valuble advice,

also the lad on here is intrested in putting a 16v lump (mine) in his RSi, any ideas?

whats the next conversion going to be?


Thanks much :D

if you have the 16v lump out look at were the engine mounts are if they look like ther inthe same pplace you will have no problems it should go strate in

a list of wat to look for;

gear bpx mont will be the same

look down the senter of the back in the of the engine ther should be a mount ther and thrwill be a mount out of the cam belt cuver if thy are the same it will drop in

the wiaring should be in two parts you will have the E.C.U wiars and dash wias you should be abal to yose those

I hope this is of help if you have eney problems you will have to emil me with a phone number and il ring you


turbo daley

Torsion Tunning have done 3 custom cars, their one. They are also doing one to go in a 16v shell and finaly I think they allready have another car booked in. Mine should be done by the middle of next year.

They is actual quite a few now

have you got a phone number for them coz iv got a cupol of questons that i nead to ask them about the wat they do for that price

if you dont it dont mater

cears daley