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Hi, new on BB.


I’m new on your BB from South Africa, Johannesburg.

It looks like a very nice site with excellent information and pictures.

I’m currently driving an Audi S3 and love the car but had my fare share of problems. Replaced fuel pump twice and coil pack once. Also the clutch were replaced and that in 9 moths of ownership. I drive the car sometimes hard but not every day. The car is currently at Audi for its fuel pump (second one).

I’m know thinking of maybe selling the S3 and get myself a MK2 Clio 2 L 16V. It looks like a very nice car and very potent performer for it class. I have test drove one yesterday with 6000 km/h on the clock. Really liked the car. I know I’m definitely downgrading in performance, status ext. because it is not in the same class and price bracket. There is however pros and cons with my decisions. With the S3 you pay a bigger instalment every month, good performance and out of this world handling. Clio not so big instalment, have more cash available per month, reasonable performance and fair handling. I definitely don’t want to get another S3 as they become to expensive. Here in South Africa I paid R252000.00 for my S3 and a new on is now R300000.00. A new Clio is R205000.00. The exchange rate is R16.51 for 1 pound. Also rather drive a cheaper car and invest more money into property.

I know the S3 is a very potent performer with AWD, ESP ext. I actually love Audi’s and VW’s. I don’t know if a Clio will give me the same grin factor as the S3. Are there any problems with the 2L Clio’s like clutches, pumps ext?

Other options are Alfa 147, Golf GTI (150BHP) and Mini Cooper S, Second hand WRX (High on maintenance).