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High idle for a few seconds. New MAP sensor...

  Mazda3 2.2D 185BHP

so I decided I would put a new map sensor on the 172, why not eh? Last one was all oily inside so for £15 odd why not.

since fitted on cold the idle sticks at 1.6k for 2 to 3 seconds then drops. It will do it again when I put clutch in each time.

When warm it does the same but 1.2k then down to 1k

As far as i can see that's the only thing different. I know it's the sensor as when I put old one back it's fine.

One thing to note though, the old ssensor has silicon around it to make a better seal. Which the one one is loose ish and vcan be wiggled out easy so won't be making a good air seal at all.

could this be an air leak around the new sensor that's causing this idle issue?

Ta all.
  Mazda3 2.2D 185BHP
In that case will apply a rubber washer between sensor and hold. Should seal it
  Mazda3 2.2D 185BHP
Ok used some gasket silicon around the sensor and now the issues gone away.


Looks like the hole is slightly too large and the orings on the sensors are not enough. No biggie.

now to see if this helps at all with my original issue
  Mazda3 2.2D 185BHP
Odd, it's back. The high idle that is.

sensor is sealed fine.. and that's the only thing changed to the engine.

any ideas?