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Highspeed noises

I have noticed that when flat out, my passengers keep telling me about a noise they hear - it sounds to me like the tyres hitting transverse ridges on the road. It only seems noticeable between 130-140. I dont see how the dealer can help me with this. Any clues?
  Clio v6

I also get a noise but its at about 150-155. My dealer just laughed at me

They think my noise might be just the wind going through the aerial. I might try one of those wee stubby jobbies and see if that cures it.

Dont get me wrong, I dont really want to cruise at that speed - although @ 120-130 the car seems very happy - its just that I wonder what the noise is...

Could it have anything to do with the AVO springs and the reduced ride height?

Ok, OK! - lets forget the highspeed noises then.

I also am getting problems with the tyres rubbing against the liners during very hard cornering. I only noticed this when I had to swap some wheels around but have thought that this was happening during the previous track day @ Bedford.

I take it that standard 172mk2 owners *never* have this problem?

  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

I did.

The rear one on the passenger side was rubbing and my car is boggo... Apartently the rear sh1t guard had dropped down a tad and needed fixing up again, but it is doning it again so back to Renault.


I remembered a previous post you had made about this and when I looked at the liner it looked ok. Was it a glaring misfit or a subtle one?