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Hill power ram air induction kit.....


Has any one got one fitted are they any good? Im getting a magnex cat back system fitted soon and was thinking about this filter, how do these go together anyone know?? Does the filter have the sucking of the air noise? and are they easy to set up yourself? also does anyone no how much they cost? cheers for help............. Rob

Hi, Hopefully nick will reply, otherwise ring him.

they are superb !..

you cannot set them up yourself as the fuelling needs adjusting at top end WOT.

Nick has this sorted now..

  BMW 320d Sport

Well youll have to make do with this Nick!

I used to have one before I put my airbox back on. If youre dead set on an induction kit and from your comments on the sucking noise, it sounds like you are, then yes it makes a bloody loud sucking noise.

It is a bucket with a filter in it, the bucket bolts on to the throttle body using the existing mounting points and the air hose connects to the bottom just like on the original airbox. Best open induction kit you can get I reckon. It was just under a ton when I got it a year or so ago, but might have gone up since then

note, the silver around the airbox is heat dispersing, not just for ooks.. everything in this kit is designed primarily for power, nothing more..

what works right, usually looks right...

this is one case in example !

  ICE'dberg MK2 172

So how is the fueling sorted? and would it be the same remedy for a Viper X?? Really want to fit my Viper but dont want to mess up the engine.


sorry m8, but Nick Hills way of sorting the ovarall and topend (WOT) fueling is not for general release.

as you can imagine, Nick has spent DAYS.. nay weeks,,,.... sorting this with rolling road results to confirm.. the proprietry method Nick uses for increasing the percentage of fuel injected when needed is therefore his intellectual copyright.

all I can say, is that for the first time ever, the 172 can, and WILL beneit from the result of Nicks work.


Joe Hanley (Captn Slarty)