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Hi everyone!

Just a quickie about a company I noticed that specialise in tuning Renaults up a bit. Has anyone had dealings with Hillpower and, if so, are they as good as they sound?

I havent had any prices, will be discussing this later with them, was just wondering about your views.


Well, I just joined the parade....membership to this party and a lovely sticker on their way to me!! I see Hillpower give members a any info on them would be great.
  ff 182

Hi Hillpower are 1 of the best Renault Tuners around.

They are really good anything u need to know they will explain to you.

They also have a website so check it out.

Cheers Pete
Welsh Rep RSC

Yeh for sure. In maybe even THE best. I wouldnt trust anybody else to do tuning work on my car. And im a fussy b*****d.


Most 16v/willy owners here use him.

Even Matt Brown and he is way fussier than Dazz

Give Nick a bell, hes always willing to chat about Clios
  Skoda Fabia vRS

yea Nick is f***in sound

ive had my brakes done and my suspension there

and one of there chips, and there induction kits, and de-cat pipes

Hill Power rock

even got one of there little stickers on the back of my car

Also, on the 172 gallery are a few pics of Arjun Kandasamys clio with the Hillpower Induction Kit. This is the stuff I am thinking of, but it says "now removed" on his description! Any ideas why he did that?

What do you mean? You couldnt rev it more than 6500 or what? Sorry for the questions, but its the Induction Kit that really interests me....but if there have been problems with it I maybe should think twice!!
  Audi S3

Just out of intrest where is hillpower cuz if its so good would like to take my 16v baby there there all con men or dicks at the garages by me especiall the dealership!


The induction kit gained 6 bhp in total but caused the air/fuel mixture was too lean at the top end so had to be taken off till Nibk D developed the chip to adjust the fueling.


I called Hill Power the other day and asked about their product offering, not that much for the clio 172 im afraid.

They do springs which are the low end market ones (Chassis Dynamics) and an Induction Kit!

I asked for brake line upgrade but there is none they do but another company I use sell the lines at half the cost????

Just suprised as people give tuners good names which im sure Hill Power are as ive never used them, just that they didnt sell what I thought they would as they specialise in Renaults.

Just my 2p worth.
  BMW 320d Sport

Harj? Anyway Hill Power, as the name suggests are primarily an engine tuning place - he will do jobs like brakes etc, but its not his main line of business AFAIK. If you want a body kit or something, Nick Hill is not really the person to talk to.

If on the other hand you need to find out whether to solder new leads onto the ignition coil or to chop into the existing leads going to the ignition module, like I rang him up about yesterday, then hes definitely your man.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

if you want other springs im sure Nick could get them for you, or if you got em yourself he would happily fit em

and he can do a lot of engine work on 172s already

Your probably right chaps, I didnt ask about engine mods as im not looking for them!

I asked about Eibachs and he said he doesnt fit or touch them, maybe in the future if I want some engine mods I will call him again.

Both arjuns and my cars have the AVO springs hillpower supply, for £146 fitted, i am well happy, comparing my car to someone elses at palmersport who was on eibachs, the avos are lower and i think the handling is great, the ride is firmer (more noticeable since i have 17"s as well so lower profile tyres)


After owning many brands of springs on other cars I wouldnt say the chassis dynamic/ avo springs where lower end I think they improve the standard handling of the car a lot. But I do suspect that my shocks would need replacing very soon.



I removed it becasue it appeared to cause lean running @ 6k+ rpm. Had the car on the Power Engineering RR last week and it is showing around 4+ BHP down without the IK fitted and no more lean soon as HPs SUN RR is installed - 8 weeks I think - Nick will get to work on increasing the fuelling and with luck I will be looking at significant power gains with the exhaust/IK/chip combo.....

I hope also - and Ive offered my car for him to use previously - that he will be able to produce individual RR runs for the different combinations of kit allowing us to get *proven* gain info....

BTW the IK is sorely missed because it sounded nice too..

Im inclined to support him by using him as he appears - to me - genuine, interested and informed.

  (ex-2.0 Hybrid)CorradoVR6

Chassis Dynamics i.e AVO springs are realy good springs i would not classify them as "lesser", as the most expensive are not always the best.
I run Avos on mine and they are so much better than my old g-max springs.
  BMW 320d Sport

True Steve, AVO are most probably better than G-Max, but arent G-Max the real bottom end of the market?

I know suspension gear from H&R, Bilstein, and to a lesser extent Koni & Spax, are more pricy, but at the end of the day, most of the time you get what you pay for.

However something like PI springs are cheap but loads of people use them, myself included, cos at the end of the day, a springs a spring. Dampers are another matter and Id not cut costs there I dont think. I use Konis and no complaints so far.
  (ex-2.0 Hybrid)CorradoVR6

Also dont rate spax springs either.
I would say the avos were up there with the best of them.