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hit the limiter now idleing mad! 172 cup

  clio 172 cup
driving like a bellend yesterday i must of hit the limiter and now the revs are bouncing from 2 3 and half thousand revs with no throttle, does anyone now what this mite be or has anyone had trouble like this
Or the DBW body connector has dropped off, most of these have had the clip snapped at some point so if you have very high idle and no throttle it's this. This would also cause a TPS fault to be logged on OBD2.
  clio 172 cup
yeah its saying accelerator pedal or throttle sensor open circuit or something, its happened regulary since i put a pipercross viper with the cold air feed, could it be taking in to much air? also noticed a few inlet bolts loose and the sensors are pretty shite in the manifold, wat do u suggest i do because im a bit of a r****d but i want to give it a go myself, ima pull the mechanic outa my ass, literally ha
Tighten inlet bolts up, not to tight or you will snap the head off, try push the sensors a little further in, there not the best fit at the best of times
  Clio 172 ph2
air leak. Possibly a sensor fallen out

Anymore info?
I've had this problem on and off for a year. Thoroughly cleaning the throttle body (taking it off) sorts it out for about 200 miles then its back again. I've not looked at any sensors though?