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holiday pics!

  RenaultSport clio 17
just come back from the lake district and thought i'd share a few pics i took on the only day it didn't rain!!!





  RenaultSport clio 17
Pistol Pete said:
Cumbria? Looks like a nice place, nice pics.
Holiday caravan site? how much if ya dont mind me asking?
g/f's auntie owns a caravan in penrith, lowther park. £20 towards the gas and electric was all it cost, plus petrol money to get there of course!
  RenaultSport clio 17
S Garbett said:
Iam lovin this pic below:


Where abouts in the lakes did you go?? :)
took this photo at lake ullswater, bout 20 miles from penrith. wanted to get it right on the edge of the water but road runs alongside. this was taken in a car park. roads up there are awesome!