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Home brew almost sheep boost bus build ect

Hi all

welcome to my progress thread, mainly starting this as a way of keeping track of what i have done and what needs doing

so firstly the car


as some of you know i won the K-tec / PFC Project car a while ago. was very happy with the car and spec

421's, coilovers, omex, cf seats, 888s, gas flowed head ect ect

done few days on track in it and was a great car, used it as my daily commute ect

However after 20' 000 or so miles


cambelt failed, no compression = fkd

So after some hard thinking, and a pending tour of afghan on its way car was SORN'd and all non essentials sold on to fund a new build project

was looking at doing something way off, turbo busa / type r converision but finaly came to my senese (£££££ )

then went off to afghan for 6 / 7 months

gave me pleanty of time to think :dapprove:
Was a great time in afghan, but gave me pleant of time to scour the forum and internet for insperation

any way i full went balls deep into buying itbs and hi comp forged rods and pistons

1st set came with an omex too but as i had one already plan was to sell it on ended up selling the whole kit complete

then bought another set from jms that was matched to the head, just what i needed


so started to buy loads of stuff off the forum to transform the car

cf door cards
182 manifold
new seats
yozza exhaust
182 cat
a 2nd hand crank just in case
a 2nd hand ph1 cyclider head
and loads of little bits

well any ways time went on and pleanty of months went buy, brother was also out in afghan with me at the time, pleanty of car chat later

whilst searching the forum Noticed bomber was selling his supercharger conversion for a very reasonable price, had a quick check of bank balance

to late was sold but mentioned adey was selling his

a few pm s later

boom now had all the bracketry and mounts to fit the charger and all pipework and intercooler

car changed direction for the good in my opinion although this has left me with a set of hi comp pistons and a set of jenvey itbs :dapprove: already prov sold

but with the full itbs cams and hi comp i would struggle to get 230 -ish
charger , cams and lo comp a lot seem to get 300 +

got back to the uk, to my mail room

it was like christmas had about 20 boxes mailman was not happy
So now waiting till after christmas really to get the engine stripped down, and waiting for the pistons to come back in stock going for 83mm bore low compression

although 8.5 is a little low imo so will try raise this to 9 if i can

so whilst waiting i started on boring out and matching my inlets and plasticoating my wheels


its not going to be perfect but im willing to have a go and learn

wheels were a right state caked in CL dust absolute nightmare to get off



so thought i would clean them up best i could and see if i could simply spray over them lol


few coats later not turned out to bad this was a whole can btw a bit over kill but would not hide the cl dust


and fitted


also test fitted a seat



And thats it for now really untill i get back to work after christmas

plans at the moment though are for 300 + bhp, fully forged, over bored bottom end, and around 900kg car

but time will tell
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  BMW 330ci sp/ 172Cup
Sounds like this could be quite an impresive build. Will keep an eye out for updates:)
small update today

pistons are still not here so have been doing smaller things to keep me busy

todays efforts


got the yozza in place ( going to make my own 182 to 172 cat out of a 182 cat )

ph 2 lights fitted and cup spoiler fitted ( will get done in black eventually )

then fitted the phase 2 bumper


tbh i was never a massive fan, but now that its on there quite like it

thats all for now really untill i get the locking tools to strip engine down


ClioSport Club Member
looks nice, how did you get the yozza to sit in the recess of the bumper? all the others i have had a look at sit below it.

the reason i ask is because im going to be fitting mine in the next few days and i have a cut out already in my ph2 bumper that i was going to get filled.

awesome project btw.
thanks for the comments

as for the yozza at the moment it is held on at the rear with just the mounts and a supporting cable tie lol, as it is not attatched to anything (manifold or cat ) due to no engine and making my own link pipe, so cant really help with fitment sorry

on there just to be out of the way really

dan send me some new number plates :rasp: will buy beer
Small ish update

car has been sitting out in the car park now for over a year :headno:

so treated her to a clean and a very heavy waxing


also noticed over the last few days i had quite a lot of water ingression in to the car so made a rain shelter for the car


basic but hopefuly effective

and finaly got hold of some locking tools ( thanks Neil ) so made a start on the engine


also bought a cheap powder coating system ( elctrostatic magic thing ) not to sure on it but will try it out see what happens


should be a bit more to come soon
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Managed to pull the head off today


was not as bad i was expecting, although all the pistons are marked in a simmilar way


and the marks on the valves


so all in all not really to much damage, however its all getting replaced any way so no biggy

also seem to be collecting a fair few parts in my ''engine store'' due to stripping it


hopefully this week i will get hold of some valve spring commpressors to do a bit more
small update as had a few hours spare today

managed to get one side of the cars wheels painted ( ran out of plastidip ) and none left in stock so have 1 left to do


quite like the contrast against the black

then i managed to throw the other seat in pics are a bit crap but you get the idea


looks very nice from outside the car looking in

only small updates for the moment untill i save up enough to buy big bits

building a car aint cheap
so small update, managed to get the car in the workshop today

sorted out my door pulls for the C/F door cards


then made a start on fitting the Aero catches, lifted the bonnet to be greeted by this



think the car is trying to tell me its feeling unloved

i moved the nest and placed it in a safe place close to the original position found

made a start on the catches ( serious pain in the ass btw )


hopefully get them all finished Thursday night