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Horn pad pressure

  VW Potato

do you have to press your horn pad very hard to activate the horn? Mine can double up as one of the resistance machines in the gym. Whats yours like?


Ive almost broken my fingers a couple of times pressing it. By the time the horn sounds the thing you wanted to beep at has disapeared. Oh well Sign language is just as effective ;)
  VW Potato

please, where can i buy? they come colour coded for mine. So very discreet; wonderful element of surprise! :D



  Audi TT Stronic

my horn is also hard to press.. i think its cause of the design of the new steering wheels and the fact there is a 2 stage airbag inside it.

You are ment to press the horn where the 2 little horn signs are, top left/right of the conter bit of the wheel, I have no problem horning!


Yeah, i used to sometimes drive on the motorway holding the middle bit (palm in center and fingers over the top), but on the 172 i cant as the horn keeps going off, i guess its like scott said, if you press the top parts then its quite sensitive.
  VW Potato

ah, coz ive been pressing where the pad sort of meets the wheels spokes - ill now try pressing on the actual horn sign. Maybe ive been doing it wrong. Cheers I cant even operate the horn properly! :oops:


i purchased a f**k off twin mega super ear deafin horn from coughhalfordscough. Fitted it and she doesnt only alert people when they are going wrong, but also scares the sh*te out of em and gets em out my way! Perfect! :devilish:

Mine to was hard to press, so i converted it and put a mk1 172 indicator stalk on with the horn press on the end, just unpluged the old1 and pluged the new1 in, it works a treat problem solved :D