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how about..............

a series of open threads re : - how does XYZ work ? - or what does abc do ? etc

if enough guys n gals would like to know more techy details.. I am sure there are enough people with knowledge here that could answer the queeries.

just a thought..

  Williams 2, STi N12

OK Ctain.

This might not be that technical for a guy like yourself but Ill shoot anyway. Upon start up on my Willy, the revs settle at a lovely 960ish. Now after ragging it the revs then settle to a over excited 1200 or so sometimes higher. I have a feeling it is the idle control valve but how does it work? Has anyone else had similar probs?

Cheers boys
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

A good website to learn how things work is

I wont be able to help with the answers to car related questions but I will probably have a lot of questions.

lol, I was taking more generic things, but since you asked...

could be the WTS (Water temp sensor)

this signals an enrichment to the ecu during warm up, problems with the sensor can cause the issue you describe.

there are 2 possible types of sensor - NTC or PTC (Negative temperature coefficient or Positive temperature coefficient. on an NTC the sensor should read 1.5 to 2.2 volts at an ambient temp of 20 degrees (Water temp) - when the water temp is apx 80-100 degrees c, the reading should be 0.1 to 0.2

on a PTC sensor, the voltage at ambient should read .5v at ambient and 1.2 volts at over 80 degrees c.

the idle control valve fitted to the multipoint injection by RENIX is either a 2 wire or 3 wire device.
It works by the ECU pulsing it to open or close bypassing air from the outer side of the throttle plate to compensate for warm up and engine load (ie headlights)

the 2 wire will fail safe if it dies, the 3 wire will just end up where it was

Best bet is the WTS.

also, check for induction leaks as this can cause a similar problems.

  BMW 320d Sport

OK heres a question - why doesnt everyone use rotary engines?

And another one - who is it that first punted the idea that having a diesel instead of a petrol car was greener?

How does a racing fuel cell work? Is it just a tank filled with foam or something?

Another off topic question on the other forum.
  Williams 2, STi N12

The new Mazda will be using a rotary engine and I seem to remember the Norton superbikes having a single cylinder rotary engine when they won the British championship, so they cant be that bad.

How do mean a fuel cell?? The new hybrid/electric cells or a F1 type of kevlar sack?

Hi Nick..

I believe the problem with the masturbatell engines (Wankel) were that the engines were, and probably still are - ahead of their time..

they suffered tip seal failures and the materials were not the best.. even now. the rotary has suffered due to the green rush.. it is probably 15-25% LESS efficent than its uppy downy competitor due to the inlet / outlet design.. and suffers consequently from poor idle (It can be made to idle as a compromise !)

there is a similar design by Veselovsky.. try a search ... that gets around some of the problems.

however, the modern ECM /ECU and the advancements in simple 4 stroke design are out stripping any benefits thus far. Renault (and several others ) are looking into the next quantum leap - electromagnet camshaftless valves.. you can rule the world with that LOL

Now, re the smokers... hmmmmmmm, yep.. we can all breath crappy soot, or, the hole in the ozone layer gets bigger.... ROLL ON THE WARM WEATHER I say hee hee..

Re the fuel cell... (as in tank - not power source) in its simplest form it is purely a mechanism to assist deformation and containment of the fuel in the event of accident.. a simple rubber cell that is reistant to impact damage is often used - along with a favourable location... indeed, Concordes tanks were lined with bag celss aflter the parisians set a record for fasted airport to hotel transfer..

Jeeeeeez. me heads gonna explode soon LOL..