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How do I know if the fuel pumps going?

As above (just saw that other thread on the FP) it makes a really loud noise when priming and just generally pretty loud! Obv when low on petrol its v loud but now its just loud full stop. Is this the first signs of it going?
Just a really really loud whining noise which changes in pitch, and sometime mixed in with a grinding noise as well :(
thats not good!

always could hear mine, but it was a steady sound, sort of a drone, certainly no grinding :S
they can get incredibly loud before failing. They get loud if there is debris clogging the initail filter sock on the pump, so pull the pump and make sure thats clear.
dpends if its the seperate pump and sender version or ot. if its the single one then pull the seats up ot the way, take the cap off, then unscrew the ring on the tank with a screwdriver.
  ph1 172
i was looking to take the fuel pump out on my valver but i wasnt really sure how,

here is a pic of what i see when i lift the seat....


basically the wires with the blue connectors are the fuel pump ones but they dont look like they connect to anything on that top cap...