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how do u wire a sub into a clio mk2 ?

  53 Renault clio 1.2 16V
Firstly you will need an amp, wiring kit, aftermarket head unit with RCA inputs mate you do realise this yeah?
  53 Renault clio 1.2 16V
Ground can be put on the isofix bar just undo it its what holds your rear seats in mate, then into the amp, speaker wires into the subs, Power and Remote leads down the passenger side of the car run it under the door sills power through the engine cable bit theres a grommit under the dash and then the Remote you can put it through the side of the dash, the RCA's down the right side of the car and again through the dash into the head unit, its a bit hard to explain the remote RCA and power cables mate sorry, hope this helps.
  200 FF Storm Grey
Behind your panels generally mate, just cable tie them to the wires already behind there
  330Ci (Fail)Sport
The plastics by the carpet can pop out to allow you to feed the cable through, might need to undo the front seat belt bolts for better access. These come up under the footwells too so good at hiding the cables I found.

I ran power through the hole where the bonnet release cable goes into the engine side and down the passenger side. Then the remote and RCAs around the driver's side footwell, then all down the driver's side to the boot. And finally, the earth cable into the rear seatbelt bolt on the rear quarter panel. Found this to be the best spot for me. Had it 1 year in my 172 and three years in my other clio with no problems at all.
Search function would see this has been covered more times than I care to remember

the basics should be covered in a diagram with your wiring kit


where is the best gromit from thengine bay i cant find any just rockhard plastic nub things
  Jap Box
where is the best gromit from thengine bay i cant find any just rockhard plastic nub things

I just drilled a hole through myself as couldnt be bothered with th grommets and cut into the foam on the inside above the carpet, then sealed the wire in place on the outside and the inside to stop water getting in.