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How Do you Remove Scuttle Panel?

  Mk1 Maxim Sport
Unscrew the screws holding it in???? not sure exactly but id say that would be a good place to start.

On a mk1 its just a case of unscrewing the screws, disconnecting the wiper blades an the whole thing just slides off.
  Mk1 Maxim Sport
stay on as far as im aware, just open it so u can get to the underneath or the panel. like stu says just take the wipers off and the whole thing should just clip out!
  RRS, 172, ST3, VTS
leave the bonnet on, theres two clips under the bonnet on each size, you turn them half a turn, lift the centres up out. remove both wiper blades, and it lifts up, easy. i had mine off at the weekend,
  BMW M135i
You need to use a bearing puller to get the wipers off, theres no way in hell you'll get them off any other way. They're on very tight! Its pretty self apparent how the skuttle off when you look at it.