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scuttle panel

  1. lordyjordy

    Wet Day!

    I've been noticing recently, that water has been collecting underneath my drivers seat. Upon further inspection, the drain pipe under the scuttle panel had been bent upwards. Meaning that since i bought the car in March (and god knows how long beforehand), overtime it rained, it was collecting...
  2. Stirks87

    Colour of scuttle panel

    Whos ready for a daft question?? What colour is the scuttle panel on a clio? Is it meant to be black or are they a grey like the front grill? Mines faded and want to use a dye to restore but don't know if its meant to be black or grey.
  3. V

    Scuttle Panel - Drivers side drainage plug location - Pls help

    Hi All I have unfortunately suffered the same fate as many on here and have discovered that my driver side foot well, under the drivers seat and towards the rear of the drivers side are soaked. I guess with this glorious weather we have had recently it has made the situation a little worse...
  4. g-a-c

    Scuttle panel question

    So my 182 has been steaming up. A lot. Although I can't feel any wet carpets or anything. Tonight while I was home and it was light and dry, I figured I'd check out the pollen filter (which is on record as being changed when I bought the car). It's a bit misshapen cos of the poor design (who...
  5. RichB

    High Pitch Buzzing at higher speeds - Scuttle Panel Area

    Has anyone else had a high speed buzzing coming from the scuttle panel area? I have searched and everyone seems to point towards the light switch with the climate temp sensor but have looked at this and there are no moving parts to cause this and I'm 99% sure its coming from the scuttle panel...
  6. F

    driver side scuttle panel ill fitted

    the scuttle doesnt seal the the windscreen fully in the corner, it appears that there is a little black tab that slots into the wing. mines just a hole so it doesnt really secure, i assume there should be something like a clip etc in there to secure the scuttle. ill grab a pic if needed...
  7. C

    scuttle panel

    just noticed my scuttle panel has moved and left a gap between the panel and the glass what could of caused this its a mk3 06 plate
  8. Paul172sport

    scuttle panel leak - scuttle removed - what to look for

    as above, i have a leak into the passenger footwell that seems to be coming from the scuttle panel i think, tipping a bucket of water over the top of the windscreen causes the footwell to become wet, so i guess the scuttle panel rather than the wheelarch or sill drains. thing is, i have...
  9. Paul172sport

    how to remove wiper arms & scuttle panel

    im fairly sure my passengver footwell leak is caused from something under the scuttle panel. thing is how do you get the wipers off? ive taken off the 3 13mm nuts on each of the arms and the arms are staying firmly on the car, no amount of pulling is shifting them. is there a knack to...
  10. ADY 554D

    scuttle panel screw rivet part No:

    can any help any give me the renault part No for these?
  11. P

    Scuttle panel screw

    The one on the driverside, how do you get them off as mine is just turning and I dont want to break it. Is there a knack to it?
  12. mickstoke

    has anyone painted their scuttle panel?

    if so wheres the pics?
  13. shovon

    Renault part code for Black plastic pop rivets on scuttle panel?

    Hi Does anyone have the part number for the two black plastic 'pop' rivets that hold the scuttle panel on please? Its for a mk2 ph1. I have tried two Renault dealerships and both have said they don't carry the part and unless I order more than 20, that they are un willing to order them in...
  14. Adam182

    Scuttle panel drainage....

    Hey guys ive noticed alot of people have had a problem with soggy passenger footwells, ive got it quite bad and after searching the forum for info i first tried to locate the scuttle panel drainage hole/hose and cant see it anywhere, could anyone help me find it? thanks - Adam
  15. donofkarma

    Dropped something down the scuttle panel

    Basically I've been a bit of a tool and dropped a piece of a tool and a 6mm bolt down next to where resistor pack is and it's not fallen out of the bottom yet. Will it come out on it's own or do I have to go looking for it and is there anything down there it can damage? Cheers -Jas.
  16. LegoHead

    Space under scuttle panel?

    Is there much space there? this pic got me thinking... I think that is under the rhs? I need to find space for my datalogger and the engine bay is very cramped at the moment.
  17. S Garbett

    How Do you Remove Scuttle Panel?

    Clio Mk2 Phase 3 (Facelift Model) Cheers Steve
  18. Middo

    Scuttle Panel Clips

    can anyone whose removed their scuttle remember how many clips hold it on? the rac have broke all the clips attaching the scuttle panel to the car so its just loose, and after ringing renault they claim i need to tell them how many clips i need. considering they dont stock them im not...
  19. ClioGav

    Finally sprayed my scuttle panel!

    Finally sprayed my scuttle panel, looks much much better and only took me an hour or so :) Gave the wipers a coat too as they had a bit of surface rust... Before: After: