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how easy is it??

  2001 172,VW Touran
to remove the abs rings from the rear discs on a 02 172.The reason i'm asking is that i want to change my discs alround for grooved ones but i cant find any with abs rings apart from k-tec.Renault turned thier noses up when i asked them.(which wasn't nice as i work for a renault dealer)Also can any body point me in the right direction for grooved discs at a resonable price.
  Vectra :(
If they are pretty much stuck on then will be an arse of a job, I had mine removed by a garage. They wanted to charge something like £20 but would do them free if i got them to change the discs for me so i just got them to do that. they did say tho that they had a nightmare getting them off.

You could try heating them up so they expand slightly then hitting them off with a hammer and screw driver??