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How hard is it to take the front bumper of a Mk1 172.


There are some small star head screws holding the sh*t guards onto the bumper that need to come out. If you pull the guards away and look up inside you will see a bolt (one on each side of car) take that out. More small star head screws underneath. Then underneath front of car and back a bit there are 3 bolts, take them out. Last but not least 2 bigger star head screws on front of car. Oh and take the fog lights out first.


chun you know what
i dont know about mk 1 but mk 2 have a tool kit in the boot that comes with a t 25 star drive.

how helpfulm and thougtful was that
nice one reno


Oh yeah cheers Wongy I completely forgot about that lol. I thought that tool kit would come into use one of these days