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How hard to fit 6.5 comps

Arent the mk2s 16cm anyway?

I know the mk1s are 13cm.....

Why not just use the 13cm comps ir thats what the size is? Wont be that much difference!
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The standards are 13s but Ive fitted 17s and not much work is needed, just need to knock up some mdf spacers.

easies way to do it is to make a 18mm MDF spacer and screw this to the inter metalwork of the door, screw your speaker of choice into that and then use a dremel to cut away the orginal speaker mounting on the doorcard and then when you come to refit the doorcard the whole assembly will just slip over the spacer you have just made. job done!

Its easy to fit any 6.5" speakers. I have the second deepest speaker I could find in mine... but I didnt have to cut the plastic backing off. Its easy to do though.

... by the way, I would *definitely* use 6.5" rather than 13cm speakers. It will make a huge difference.