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how late are u on till

hey everybody, just a quick q.

Im online everyday when im at work but notice people have been on all night and mornin long when i get there.

Tonight im at a relos house so am online, and your all still goin strong.

Who stays up and how long?

  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

Ive just gotten back from a drive, quite a fun filled one and am gonna post now about it

Ive been putting off a programming job all day. I suppose I ought to start it rather than scoot around htis board (though I dare say Ill look in every now and again)

At home, Im connected to the internet 24/7 through me trusty little modem. If Im at a computer, and it has Internet Access, the forum would be open... Its addictive!


Mmmm... I wonder if we all share the same profession??? Computers have a habit of doing this to ya!!!

Blimey, is it light again????

Im on all the time. either after/before work, at uni or at 3am whilst very drunk. Some times funny reading my drunken posts eheh. Im gonna offend someone eventually:)