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How long does it take to refit a front bumper...

  Inferno 182 w/ Recaros ;)
...45 minutes according to Sunwin Renault Nottingham. :rofl:

Also included taking one of the wheels off for some reason.

I've spent 4 hours waiting in that b*****d place today. Feck.
  M5,Range Rover Sport & R1
i can do them in 15mins max... 20 mins is kicking the hole out of it, never mind 4 hours :)

probably a sparkie trying to do a mechy's job thats why it's taking so long :D:D:D
  09 GIXXER 750!!!
Last week I had the bumper off replaced the headlight washers cleaned everywhere behing the bumper and put it back on in under 2 hrs!
  Black Gold Trophy
I'd say to take it off and put it back on would take 45 mins. You have to remove the wheels so you can remove the arch liners to under the bumper bolts.