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How many Willy Is

  Clio 197

The dash plaque on my Willy is 3369. It was matriculated 08 07 93 It seems the most sites agree that number built was 2500 units. Did they:
1. Make more than we think?
2. Skip some numbers?

Mmmm thats very strange. Is yours an import? cause they only bought over 400 right hand drives. Worth looking into i think it would be interested to know the outcome.

  BMW 320d Sport

There were definitely 400 UK RHD Willy 1s.

Any number higher than that must be an import. Willy 2s are the most numerous, cant remember how many there were, did they just keep making as many as people wanted to buy? Willy 3 are actually the rarest, end of the line model. About 250-300 AFAIK?
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

2500 Williams 1 in total (400 RHD for UK, 2100 LHD for Europe)

1000 Williams 2

300 Williams 3

God knows why you have 3369 on your plaque. Highest Ive ever seen is 2197.

  Clio 197

Is there a chassis number range for the Willy I? Were the numbers consecutive? Production dates?
  Clio 197

The car and I are in Luxembourg so it is a LHD car. I am the third owner, the second owner had it since 1994 til now. The car was originally supplied new in Luxembourg and has never been registered anywhere else.
  Clio 197

If indeed 2900 is the number of Clio Williams built of all three varieties, how were they able to race/rally in Group N? The FIA rules stated that 5,000 examples had to be produced. They could get into group A as an evolution of the 1.8 requiring 500 examples but surely not group N.

Sorry to P155 on the fire but there were actually more than 400 RHD cars made, the 400 were for the UK market, this excluded places like Ireland and Cyprus (which i know had 2 allocated as i purchased my renault there when i was stationed there back in 91-94).
Dunno about the numbering though? Would have thought that the renault owners club use to have info on that?


wasnt it, and isnt it, the biggest, or one of the biggest, marketing scams to ever plague the drivers of theis world ??

limited.. means......... as many as wee can sell...

about as classic as an R Whites lemonade bottle... lol

(Slarty runs to air raid shelter lol )

It was Group A racing by the way - so 2500 examples had to be made.

Im not sure, but I think its the same deal with the 172 Cup/Ragnotti???
  Clio 197

Im all for Group A and N and even the good old group B. The fact that the manufacturers had to build a bunch of cars to homologate them for competition meant that we got a lot of decent cars to play with. Quite often the factories would lose money on each and every example of the homologation specials. Other times they were able to market them profitably.

These days with one off WRC rally cars, and touring cars that are anything but, our opportunities to get our hands on really decent machinery is far less.