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How much are my turinis worth?

  Clio 172
Hello people :) I'm looking at selling my turinis 2 are perfect condition two have been curbed abit 4 mint tyres, there gloss black with smart renualt sport stickers on them

I have a black 172 dunno
What other wheels to get??
  Range Rover Sport
Turini wheels sell from £250-£400 depending on condition.

Yours from your description I'd look around the £300 mark.

For track use the Turini wheel is fine or 15" lightweight wheel of some sort. If it's a road car stick with 16" wheels. IMO very little rivals the Turini for looks.
  Inferno 182 FF
i bought an immaculate set of trophy turini's for £230 end of last year with tyres that lastest 3 months but wouldn't ever suggest different wheels on a clio than them, possible TD pro 1.2's but other than that id keep them :)