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How much do you pay....

For insurance?

Just to give an idea of what some of us have to put up with!

living in low crime area
No Mods

£1845 fully comp

Anyone fancy donating a few quid to me??

Whats everone else like? (make me feel better!)

Well i have a quote for my clio, when its up for renewal in october(its currently just added on top of my old car)

It is:

20 years old
low crime area
3 years NCB
No mods
driving 3 years

920 quid fully comp

Probably change going towards october, but i supspect itll be somewhere round there
  Williams 2, STi N12

The V6 is free (company car!!)

Willy..well around £960

Oh and Im 25 with 3 years NCB.
  mk2 172

currently paying £1950+ tpf&t

me as second driver on my mums policy (i bought my mum a provisional, she has no intention of learning)

no ncd

when im 21 have been quoted best so far

its too fekin dear

I am 23, 172 kept in a garage and I am paying around £800 FC with 4 years NCD, NCD protection with Tesco.

Not too shabby compared to some of the prices on here !

GP, you have 7yrs NCD and you are 23 ? Have you been driving since you were 16 ?

My excess is £450 I believe.
  Williams 2, STi N12

Yep, Id love to be a girl too, although not for insurance reasons and plus youd never see me again!!! lol

LOL @ Anders !

Classic line from Joey in Friends :

"What amazes me is that women can see breasts whenever they like, they just look down and there they are ! How you get any work done is beyond me !"


  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Mines £740 at the moment due to 1 theft from a car over 4 years ago, garaged, Full No claims £250 excess + SP30 which comes off this year anyway.

Just got a quote from Tescos for £576 £275 Excess.

172 Mk1 parked on street
Low crime area
4 yrs no claims
£1078 with protected no claims (which was £150)
Excess is £400

Paying 2200 Euro (but thats heavily dicounted by job)

31 years- no ncb as all previous insurance was on company policys. No accidents or dodgy history.

Was quoted on average 6500 euro through normal channels.

My mate with a TT is 30, has full NCB and pays 2100 Euro. Its all MAD.

me get the feeling dat me paying too much

25 years old
6 years NCB
kept in driveway
no points

still paying £925 with barclay card on me 172

this was taken out only 8 days ago n this was the cheapest by about £400.
i must live in the car crime capital of england or somink

£540 with Tesco.
65% or 7yrs NCD.
Protected NCD with one claim still on insurance from some thieving t**t breaking into my old 306
  Astra 1.9cdti XP

Its a long story but when I had my Saxo ( I had 0ncd and was 18yo)I got free insurance for 2 years.

They said with no claims in that 2 years I could have full no claims (5years) so hence I have had no accidents and I have 7 years no claims now!!

Cuel eh!
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

Car kept on Drive,
Good Cat 1 Alarm saved £80
Eagle Star
3years No Claims Discount
No points or accidents ever
8 years driving.
Fully Comp.

£640 for 7 months. (Paid £618 for my previous car for 12 months).
Total: £1258

Tesco quoted me £1020

kin ell I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE being old !!

medium crime area
thatcham 1
Lump of 4" X 2"
parked on drive
full NCB
Williams 2 with extra wheels and piper x airfilter declared
Valued at £7k

*cough* £471 f/c protected NCB.

During the war.....I had an Uno Turbo with mods my years insurance was.......

£55 a year f/c protected NCB...back in the good old days.



1 YR N/C

£795 TPFT



2002 Clio Cup (in a few weeks): £940 with 1 yrs NCB.

1999 Elise Sport 190: £920 full NCB

2001 Impreza with £10K mods: £1060 full NCB

SO £2,920 in total!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All based in Essex
  mk2 172

yes, feel free to share your wealth with me as ive just went through my quote ahain and its 1405 tpf&t
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

I had to upgrade my insurance till the end of the year from my RT to a 16v. They wanted £148 extra with quite a few mods on the car!

Im 22 with 3years NCB and 3 points so not bad really.
  Leon Cupra

: 23 years old
: 3 years NCD
: One crash
: Clio 172 Mk2
: Extremely high crime area about 3 miles down the road (Low Hill, Wolverhampton there was a documentary on the T.V about it 12 months ago)
: £828 Full Comp
  Skoda Fabia vRS

details when i got insured

High Crime Area
Cat 1 Alarm - Garaged

£1180 TPFT

however ive found a new company called Liverpool Victoria who can smash any other ins company to bits

ill be payin £900 Fully Comp in 2 months
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

Age 23
Low risk area

Clio: Garaged, 3 years NCB, £1050 Fully comp

Shogun: Driveway, 0 years NCB, £956 TPFT.

Age 33
High risk crime area
Subaru Impreza Turbo (MY00)
(modified, DownPipe, PPP, PD7 alloys, Brembo brakes)
Cost of 1032.02 fully comp, protected with 350 quid excess
Makes me happy

  silver valver/hybrid

21 years old,
4 years no claims,
medium/high crime area,
fully comp,
clio 16v with no mods declared,

tim-grove, i know low hill quite well, almost as bad as coalpool and gosgate in Walsall!!
  honda accord 2.4 type s

28 years old

5 years no claims

no points

low risk area and garaged

£330 with e-sure


no NCB
one crash
no points
alloys/zorst/soon to be decked

1400 fully comp
when i renew it will be 1300

on a 1.4