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How much do you reckon!

Full exterior respray in a Pearl Yellow including:


Strips on doors and rear arches removed and smoothed,

Bad boy bonnet with badge removed and smoothed,

Fitting and spraying front bumper,

New passenger side rear arch (Current one rusting),

Boot debadged and de locked,

Fitting of diffuser and blended in and sprayed,

Fitting of spoiler and spraying,

Fitting of side skirts and spraying,

Colour code door handles,

Removal of strips on column inbetween door and rear window and colour coded, (Cannot remember correct name!!),

What do you reckon then, currently the car is a black 16v phase 1!

Cant think of anything else that needs doing yet!


3k mark if your lucky.

Cost me 1300 for the body kit, skirts, bonnet, M3 mirrors. boot.

With all that smoothing etc it will cost alot of labour.