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How much for a Windscreen Washer Pump?

Only cheap I forgte how much but Halfords one fit I belive and there only £10 or so. Only thing is you'd loose the zeon wash unless you make the pipes up.
  Renault Clio 197 ('08)
Changed mine on my 172 ph2 the other day- my local halfords had nothing similar and renault said I had a 2 day wait to order so nipped across to citroen and they had the exact same one! Peugeot also do the same one. From Citroen I paid 13.71 inc VAT which I thought was ok imo! Just remember you need the rubber seal off the old one as the new one won't come with one. Also it is really tricky to push back in so lube up the rubber! ;) A dribble of washing up liquid worked great for me! Make sure you replace the right pump as well - there are two! One for front and rear screens and one for xenons.


ClioSport Club Member
Thanks for your replys guys:D

The xenon lights headlight washers have been working fine, so i don't think that pump needs replacing.

The front and rear windscreen wash is hit and miss, so i'd say they both need changing:(