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How much has your car cost you

Well were comming to the end of the year increasingly quickly, and i wondered what people had spent on there cars this year??

If like me you keep a list(history) of all the things youve had done, it can be amazing what youve spent and had replaced!

I have only had a clio for about 5 months and have been working on it every day since ive had it!!

Hopefully it will be complete for next summer, i certainly hope so!!

OK i will go first:-

Engine removed, engine and bay degreased fully.
stripped and rebuilt g/box,
Replaced clutch release bearing whilst g/box was removed.
New bosch 4 plugs
Magnacore lead set
Rotar arm
Oil and filter
New power steering fluid
Original air filter box sourced and fitted, with oe filter(originally came with K&N)
Low temp fan switch
Low temp thermo
Wheel arches stripped and degreased
Chassis degreased
Spare wheel and carrier removed
New d/shafts,
Front suspension assembly removed, stripped and inspected.
New complete lower wishbones
Anti roll bushes,
Strut top bushes and bearings,
Lower wishbone balljoints,
Wishbone bushes.
New front springs sachs - 35mm
Rear torsion bar removed cleaned and greased and lowered 30mm
New aux fuel pump
New drivers side hub carrier, hub flange and bearing
New front discs
Bendix pads
New brakefluid
New flexi hose front brake pipe
172 brand new wheels
Brand new tyres(contisport)
New wipers
Bump trim inserts colour coded matt black
Alloy fuel filler painted matt black
Exhaust trim
Clear lower fogs
Private number plate

ok £1463 so far, and i ve still got the steering rack, and shocks to do! damn thats scary!!

Wonder if i can get it to the figure i paid for the car in the first place before xmas??

My list is all mods really, nothing spent on upkeep as its new but here goes:

17s with Flaken ZE502 -------------------------------------------- £760

New head unit ---------------------------------------------------------£450

Front speakers---------------------------------------------------------£75

Sub and Amp -----------------------------------------------------------£190

Cat One alarm upgrade + extra leds -----------------------------£220

Various Renault accesories -----------------------------------------£150

And I still aint paid for a service or insurance so as far as I can see Im at about break even to what I spent on insurance, servicing and repairs in one year on my last motor.

Rotar arm
Oil and filter
Original air filter box sourced and fitted, with oe filter

New complete lower wishbones

new subframe + fitting

subframe painted and protected
New bosch 4 plugs
New carbon fibre wipers

new front shocks

new front srings

new o superleggeras + tyres

new pads front and back. Red dot

bad girl spoiler

pipercross induction kit

new brake balance contoller + fitting

new core plug + removal of mainifold for fitting + fitting

New brakefluid x2

de-cat pipe

cat removed, de-cat fitted & reverse for mot then put back on

exhaust bracket

mynheer sideskirts + cutting and fitting/ spraying

new battery

new altonator + fitting


camber / caster

lots of fibre glassing + paint

fuel cap cover

rocker cover gasket + fitting

flexi hosing

hill power chip


new front screen + outer rubber and fitting

lots of oil
think thats it.... unless u want stereo stuff included

pretty impressive guys!!

so when our money is not being swollowed up by new parts it goes on mods anyway?? is this true??

f**k... bout £3656 could ave bought another one!!!!

and still gotta get the bonnet resprayed and a new air filter yet!!
  BMW 320d Sport

err the last year

Williams gearbox

Williams clutch

both wishbones

n/s driveshaft


18" rims

power steering pump

two sets of brake pads

another decat pipe


all fluids replaced at least once

10-20 litres of Mobil 1

radiator pipe

carbon airbox

custom induction pipes

stainless steel mesh

blue LED sidelights

progressive controller for nitrous system

bottle heater

I think thats it, but theres probably something else Ive forgotten!

Jesus thats a lot of money! I dont know if i want one now!

Do they really need a lot of work on them then? I mean I will be a full time student in my final year when I get my 16v. I dont think I will have the time to work on it...or the money to replace all that stuff. The reason I wanted it was to drive like I do now, but have bags of power for when I need it. Oh and be able to have more fun than I do...oh yes and be slightly quicker off the mark. But mainly to be able to annoy BMW drivers who see you as an easy target. I turn on this road going to work, and I tend to get 1 BMW driver a week come up behind me and floor it to get infront of me before the mad corners that insue for the next couple of miles ( i have some cracking roads near me, horrible in the rain when you got mud running off the fields hence the many accidents I come accross. Probably the only thing thats making me keep slow is when you come accross someone hanging out of there car in a field. God it was horrible. Glad the emergancy services where just turning up. Dont think I could have coped with having to get any closer.) Anyway I digress. I just want to be able to hold that BMW driver up to the corner, and then they are forced to stay behind me...I think I am just a b*****d at heart!


Nick Read - price needed then!

DTWD - valver may be a bad choice for a student!!??, though you wont get bimmer trouble anymore!!

klmillard - lets see what you got!:devilish:

2xService = 2x£117

Fog Light = £38

Spoiler = £186

Throttle cable = £67

Drive Shaft = £136

17" Wheels and tyres = £743

Engine mount = £34

MOT = £32

Lowering = £170

2x Seat splitter = 2x£19

Starter motor = £156

Gearbox switch £26

Romoving Gearbox and reconing it = £850

Breather Pipe = £25

Helicoil gearbox mounting = £95

Radiator = £139

Battery = £60

Leather Seats = £350

Momo steering wheel = £ 149

Chequerplate mats = £50

ICE = £600

Magnex full system = £240

Bad Boy bonnet = £200

Total = £4618 :eek: (i wondered where all my student loan had gone)

Only had the car nearly a yr. Some of the prices include fitting.


Yes thats starting to be my fear. Thing is I really want one. Grrr just dont know what to do. Affording one wont be a problem cos I am in my gap year. Maybe I could get one, and get it sorted before i go back. Oh I dont know anymore. It all looked so simple before.

How much of that stuff was really needed, how much is a yearly thing and was any of it because you were giving your cars grief?


I am a student and wanted one for ages. I am also on my gap year so thats when I brought it. Going back to uni in Jan so better calm down then with the spending.

I would recomend getting one. I have spent a lot but dont regret buying mine. Its the best looking car you can buy for the money in my opionion.

About half what I have spent has been on repairs and half on mods so it aint as bad as it sounds.

giving my car grief officer?? Naaaaaaaa!

Personally i believe in prevention, i replace things as they wear before they give up the ghost completly. And i also like things feeling the way they should as when they were new.

In your case its simple, get a valver, but make sure nothing needs doing!! Then the only thing youve got to worry about is it blowing up!!
  Abarth Grande Punto

Okay here goes, my turn

Alloys and New Tyres

Exhaust System

Cat 1 Alarm

Lowering Springs

Front Struts

Oil, Filters.

£2000 ICE system

Renault Front Fog Set

Clio Mats

Gear knob

New Rear Clusters

1 Headlight

K&N Kit

Rear Spoiler

£500 Bodywork

and loads more!!!

It scared me all the time, the amount of money I spent on my car!

An estimate would be £4500 and I only paid for 3500 for the car!

Quote: Originally posted by weight on 11 November 2002

In your case its simple, get a valver, but make sure nothing needs doing!! Then the only thing youve got to worry about is it blowing up!!
LOL thanks, that actually makes me feel a little better.


Ive had the car 6 month and had the following done:

wheels 16" £580

Clutch, Head Gasket, Exhaust, Major Service, bits that needed doin £1764

I.C.E (7" screen, PS2, 2 rockford subs, amps infinity 6x9s) £800

About 5 sets of front pads and a set of discs it eats them £100

front drivers seat from renault £320

2 front yellow fogs £74

sump £30 from TCS yet to be fitted

about £10000000 in petrol

The trouble with this is ive not got a reciept for everything that i have brought for my car.

I will add up all the reciepts that i do have and i know it will be about twice what i paid for the car!!!

Last count i think it was over £7,000 including the car purchase.

But she is worth it.:D


Im not counting for wear and tear parts like brakes, tyres etc so about 25k (including the price of the car) on security, alloys, uprated brakes, performance enhancements, and due to japanese reliability nothing else ;) (2.5yrs old)



ClioSport Club Member
  Seat Leon Cupra

Clio 16v - £2600

16" alloy Wheels - £520

2 new tyres - £95

Exhaust system - £250

Induction Kit - £80

HillPower chip - £150

Tints - £210

Spoiler (not fitted) £90

Paint - £150

Bodywork £400

Steering Wheel, Gear Knob Pedals and Handbrake - £230

Strut Brace - £35

ICE - £1130

Mats - £50

Oil and Filters - £130

Lowered suspension - £450

Discs and Pads - £80

Alarm - £350

Owning a 16v - Priceless :D

Total = £4400 (ish)
  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

Clio: not much really....

72k service, 78k service, top strut mount: £500 maybe? Gotta pay for a gearbox soon though:(

Fiesta: diff story lol:

2.0 engine conversion, all the bits to go with it, and fixing it when it broke

Sub, amp

Cossie brakes

slight badboy bonnet

Twin exhausts

Custom rear bumper etc

around £3500 I think?
  mk2 172

think i might top this one!!!!!!!!


both wings


track rod end

passenger side elec mirror

1 gold alloy

door plastic trim and some clips

inner wheel arch guards

headlights + indicators


sub frame

1 hub

1 driveshaft

another cv jount(or whatever its called thattches drive shaft to gearbox)

alternator belt

both bottom arms

renault original springs and top shock bits

all the labour costs


some electrical bit i cant remember

thats just off the top of my head!

then ive ordered



steering rack

suspension struts


engine mounts
  mk2 172

oh yeah, the chip and all the fluids have been changed including gearbox oil and about ten oil changes!
  Lionel Richie

I got my car in July 2001 (after crashing my first one, then writting it off!!!)

Insurance Excess £250x2 (ooops!!!)

Wheels + tyres £750

Car mats £50

4 new tyres £300

Suspension £200

Induction kit £110

Exhaust £140

TV Headunit+PS2 £765+£130+£130

Gear knob £50

Cliosport membership + sticker £15

Oil, brake pads + bits and bobs ie spray pant £200

Total = £3340!!!!
  Lionel Richie

Forgot about my service and that idiot in the BMW revesing into me + £280

New Total £3620 (so thats why im skint!!!)
  clio 20v

k ive had mine 5 months it cost 4200

700 quid wheels

160 quid lowerin

60 quid mongoose backbox

550 quid stereo

40 quid new battery

50 quid new clutch cable (fitted)

ive only done about 3500 miles in it though im on 58k now

touch wood nuthins broke on it apart from the clutch cable an everythin works apart from a few dash bulbs that i keep meaning to fix and a dribbly rear washer that p!sses me off

dam who started this i never realised how much id spent on it already and theres loads of stuff i want yet


And covered by warranty!! thats what you have payed for, some of our cars cost a little less than yours, but we fork out more on the replacement parts!

I would be intrested to know how much money a 10 year old 172 gets thro when the time comes.

I suddenly feel much better about the money pit id thought my car had become!

why m8 ??

I am still on a better deal ???

I got 2.3 years full warranty LEFT.. it cost 11k... its worth 9-9.5k.. most I have lost is 2k, so I have spent 2k max. (which I actually havent lol)...

And, I get a better performing car, in more comfort, with a better hifi.. and, leather and Alcantra, and Climate Control, AND, a spare wheel etc...

So great !.. feel all the better you want dood.. lol...:D