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How much is 16v worth

How much would this valver be worth?

1.8 16v

Williams Blue

93 Kreg

94k miles

Full service history till 76k then recipts for all work since.

12months MOT

Magnex full system.

Pipercross induction.

Sparco Strut brace.

Lowered 40mm on PI springs

15" Phase 2 wheels or 17" momos for £200 more.

Full electrics

Mint bodywork, no marks, scratches, rust or dents.

Mint engine.

3 previous owners.

Recently serviced.

Pioneer head unit.

JBL comps.

Loads of £ spent making it a minter.

Any idears how much.


I might be buying a newer valver (phase2) and so would take the leather and rims etc onto new 1 thats why its not with the leather etc. If it was as it stands now it would be around £3300 mark i would say.

Adam 2k i aint got the phase 2 rims yet. I am assuming that if i get a phase 2 then it would come with the rims and so would be swapped over.

Yes £2500 sounds right enough. Mine is 93 K, 90000, full history etc with exhaust and filter but its in red and I reckon the blue ones are more desirable thus worth more money. Id be asking £2200 for mine, but id take £2000 for sure. Just do a national search on the Autotrader site, and see what the other clios are going for.