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How much mileage can u get out of a valve

  Sold MK1 RSI to travel

Alright peeps, Im after a clio 16 valve and Im curious as to what kind of mileage its possible to get out of them. I would have thought it depends on the owner and whether there is some history, but Im sure Chris H should know about this as he seems to know an awful lot about cars. But if anyone can shed some light on the matter that would be a big help.

BTW I already own a supped up clio in Newcastle, is anyone else up here?:D

Good question Si, id like to know this too. For what its worth the design of both the F7P & F7R are engineered with execellence!! very oily engines which in my view is a good thing, keep um mantained and in return you should see high miles (not sure how many tho) im currently @ 64k and its as tight as the day i bought it (with 40k) strengh of the engine should easy see 140,000 before a rebuild? at a guess.

Evidently things like alternators, water pumps, oil pumps may go before then... :(

be kind to her, wait until warm, then drive her hard! keep the oil fresh and youll be ok.
  silver valver/hybrid

my bros mate has a 19 16v which is basically the same engine, it has now clocked up nearly 170k, has had the headgasket done twice, but it does get a lot of abuse!

most of my clios reached around 140 k before i sold them and there still going strong. Renault engines are generally very good. i had a MK1 5 and sold it with 146k on the clock about 8 years ago ish. Its still goign strong as the guy never goes further than the golf club and still has never had it serviced! Happy motoring keep it regularly serviced and you should be fine

The ex sold a 1.4 Energy 19 - she put about 45k on it (in 18 months!) and sold it with 172k on the clock...

Was dead reliable and gave us no problems at all - of course, the guy who bought it then said the head gasket went etc, etc, etc. He came round and we were like So? :confused: Quite what he expected us to do about it I dont know! "Oh right! Sorry mate, have your money back!" Err, no...