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I might aswell ask the question before someone else does, IMPORT or UK car ?

Not sure on price, seeing as you can get an import for £12,000 max I should imagine it will be worth between £10-£10,750 ?

Yep import, I was thinking the same thing...

however when we bought ours it wasnt £12K on the road, we had to pay tax etc, plus the standard alarm is not recognised by British insurance..
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I would think that you have 2 years and 4 months warranty!! Since all mkiis came with 3 year warranty including imports

Are you sure? As I understood if you car was manufactured in 2002 then you have a standard european 2 year warranty. But if its a UK car you will get the normal 3 years.
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This has been done to death but all car purchased after 17th October 2000 are eligible for 3 year warranty (1 year dealer and 2 year network. Search for "warranty" and youll get more details.

Baldaco - suggest you sell it for as much as you can get for it. Depends what you need to sell it for, and how badly you want to sell it I guess.

Well, my girlfriend has just got a company car Golf GTI which has that new 150bhp diesel engine.. Quite impressive. But the best bit is that it is all paid for.

So Im just using the Clio to go to work which is pointless and expensive... As much as we love it...

I dont want to sell it but if I do it now we will save shed loads of cash and be able to go travelling....

Im just gonna get somthing cheep for now...
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You will loose more selling it now than in say 2 years time!!!! Depreciation is at its highest when the car first hits the road and then tails off as time goes by.