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How much will insurance go up if...

I notify insurance imputting a de-catd exhaust system on my williams?

the t**t at the exhaust place were i ordered the de-cat told my parents i should notify my insurance about it, now they are on my back nagging to ring them FFS!!!!!!!!!!

any ideas?

Dont forget aswell that any car made after 92 (after J reg) has to have a cat by law, I think. Also taking off the Cat will increase your emisions. And if you are not carefull it will make you illegal on your next MOT. And sometimes its not a simple job of just swapping them back as they sometimes get siezed to the rest of the pipe. Also you may need to get your chip modified or recalibrated.


just ring em up and play dumb, say you have had to have a new exhaust part and the garage said you may want to tell the insurance. lol

When i told them i had changed my car to a clio turbo, they said its a group 4 car, i said what even with the turbo engine in, YEP they replied.... sweet! lol, cheaper insurance faster car! lol