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How much would you pay......

Just got my car back from the garage, here is a list of what I had done:

Replaced the steering column

New passenger side arch

Doors and arches rubber mounts taken of and smoothed in,

MOT test which it passed after the column was replaced!

So now it is two tone black and grey primer!!

How much would you have paid for all the work in total?

Cheers Marcus

So £220 all in was a bit of a bargain, that was parts and labour, the column is from a scrappy but the garage reckon its fine and now it handles loads better!


What do you mean when you say column?

To have a new rear arch put on is the costly bit, gotta be skilled to be putting that on 100% right. Unless you mean the rust was grinded out the the hole filled???

It seems to me that there is a new arch but it has just gone over the old one, as there seems to be two lips, it looks completely in line and has been flushed into the existing bodywork, the coloumn was replaced due to a knackered knuckle is it the one that connects to the rack? There was loads of play in the steering wheel and this has sorted it.