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How much?!

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Right took my clio in this morning for it's 36,000 mile service, £360 quid, all in, didnt think that was too bad, now appaently I need a new AUX belt as recomended by Renault at this service interval. However I am being quoted £319.77 Is this about right, if it is I dont mind paying, it's something that has to be done, and it's part of owning a car I suppose, just seems a lot for what is basically a fan belt!

Any ideas?
  BMW E46 330i Touring
Best bet is going elsewhere mate, there's several specialists dotted around the country who'll do a better job, take more care of your car and charge less.

Where you based?
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Yeah sorry, i just wanted to call them back, i normally leave it at least a few hours, but wanted to tryand get it done!

okay thanks for the advice , i have sent it to a dealer that has had a few people recomend it on here, so not too worried about them not looking after it, but you never know, it is so difficult to find out about these things!

I am near Windsor in Berkshire,
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Some of the guys on here do it for less than 200.

Get in touch with ClarkieV6 , he is down south, but I am sure he can save you a few quid.
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cool i'l check that out, i might just say no for now, and il take it back them if i cant get it cvcheaper, if i dont get it done will it void my warrently? they have apparenly replace the susspension mounts on the right side for my under warrenty as it was clunking under full lock, willl it change my warrently though if i dont get it done, is it really that nessesary, i have done 38,000 miles?
  BMW E46 330i Touring
Do K-Tech do services? They're based in Dorset, or Carlton Garage (ClarkieV6) is in Exmouth, Devon.

Can't imagine it'll affect the warranty, as I didn't the belts really needed changing until closer to 50k/60k. You are better off getting it done sooner rather than later though, to stop early problems developing if one of those babies snaps!
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hmmm, i think those two are a little too far away, grr, il have a look aroiund, anywhwere else closeer to slough area that anyone knows who can do aux belts?

If it wasnt a service recomendation, id probabay do it myself! ahtough i have seen how much clearance there is to get access to it!