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how ofen is it off the road

mine has been for 3 days and no sign of it coming back soon :rolleyes:

still 1st time this year

what about you lot ? im thinking its time for a cup :clown:
  182 Cup
Mine's just come back after two months. I won't be happy with it until tomorrow afternoon though!


ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
which clio?

Clio 16v. Its having a engine conversion though so doesn't really count.

In my many years of CLio driving, i've never had a breakdown. They've gone into limp mode or developed a misfire, but they have always finished their journeys! :D
its not mecanical sunroof gave up and not had time to sort it .

sat the day i will finally put it all back in a seal it up :mad:


  Focus TDCi
Mine's been off since the end of September. Hoping to have it back on the road within the next week. It's been off two or three times already this year though. 1999 1.6 Si.
  Corsa looking at 172
This doesn't look good for renaultsport reliability lol

Are the renaultsports build on the same production line as standard clios? Iam going back to like 2002 lol


  Focus TDCi
Bare in mind only 2 of the people posted actually have their's off the road for it going wrong. The rest are through them doing engine conversions/crash damage.

Aye, the problems mine has had are more indicative of the previous owner's driving style than issues with Renault themselves. It's mostly been broken engine mounts and headgasket failure, that kind of thing. It all suggests to me that it was ragged around before I got it.
  R34 GT-R & 172 Cup
just got mine back on the road after 1month, it was missing a alternator bolt,broken engine bracket, no exhaust, hanging/lose manifold. Just got it all fixed yesterday only owned it 4 months :( but driving it once it was all fixed made me happy :D
  Honda ATR
not really been off the road but had lots to sort out this year!!!

new headlight washer jets
new washer pump
top mounts
cambelt n aux belt
new tyres
front disks n pads
pedal switch
cat clamp and spring kit

still got things to sort out ie steering wheel and broken parcel shelf
  RenaultSport 172
Mine will have been off the road for a week tomorrow. the Driveshaft is knackered and the replacement is turning up tuesday.
Apart from that the only time it's been off the road is when I sold the interior and had no seats to drive it and when I had the wheels refurbed, I left the car on axle stands overnight.