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how on earth have i managed this!!!!

ok, heres the story....

u might have read my last post about wiring an alpine HU, but i was also wiring in a new set of front comps too.... Im half way through the install and have completed the following....

1) tweets mounted under dash and wired them using mew cable to the crossovers, 2) Crossovers mounted under my dials, 3) hard wired mids in doors to the orginal speaker wiring loom ie. cut the speaker wires behind the HU and used them, 4) mounted new mids in doors, 5) earthed the alpine HU under the dash somewhere....

I havent even run the power cable to the HU or installed the HU yet....

How heres my problem......

The cars electrics are now buggered, the wipers are doing some really wierd things like moving when i lock or open the car, the alarm beeps at me when i try to lock or start the car (there are no doors or bonet open), when i try to start the car i get nothing (like its been immobilised) for the first few turns of the key and the dash LED flashes at me lots, then the wipers go and then it starts.

Im not a rookie installer and i have done many installs before, i have never seen a car do this though. does the programming of the car get confused when u disconnect the battery? could i have loosened a wire or connection somewhere? i think its going to have to go to renault so they can run some diagnostics on it. Could they just reset everything?

How the hell have i managed this! im so annoyed. Its a 52 Plate Clio 172 by the way.
  silver valver/hybrid

sounds like youve got some wires crossed somewhere! easily done in the clio cus they use odd colour coding. its a pain in the ass but i would go round and check all the connections again.

but i havent cut or connected anything but the speaker wires and earthed the HU.... i especially havent gone anywhere near the wipers!!! :confused:
  silver valver/hybrid

are u sure u have used the earth wire on the head unit? what type of connectors are u using, if they aint fully sheathed they might be resting on the body work or something.
  Polo + Micra

my guess is that where ever you have connected the earth for the hu you aint tightend it back up enough or you have left off and earth

undo what youve done mate, could be wires touching the body or eachother

when i disconnected my battery the alarm went off twice without me setting it but then all was back to normal

id unwire what youve done and hope everythings back to normal, then do things bit by bit and see what happens

turns out it was a loose earth connection to the fuse box on the left hand sidew of the dash.... I backtracked all that i had messed about with and eventually found the problem.... whod have thought that it would cause such strange things to happen to my car! I would have thought things would have just not worked rather than evertything getting so confused!

Cheers ofr the calming advice, i would have taken it to renault cos i thought i had totally broken something!
  Polo + Micra

not a problem mate.

i bet you have been behind a car that all the rear lights come on when they brake/indicate, its the same thing:)