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How to fit steering wheel

My steering wheel was ripped on my mk2 172 by a very unhelpfull renault garage and so now i have to fit a new one. I have a new steering wheel to put on but just wondered how easy this would be to do? Renault want £40 to change it and as they ripped the last one i dont really want to go back there. Is it something I will be able to change myself or really is it best taking it to them? Im worried about setting the airbag off somehow

Also is there a guide anywhere on changing the front pads on the same car?
  Lionel Richie

disconnect battery

now the hardest part is removing the airbag

look behind the wheel and youll see 2 slots with a shinney clip inside (one on each side)

you need to pull these clips apart at the same time (use 2 flat head screw drivers)

< O >

then just pull it towards you

next unplug the air bag ( 2 connectors)

once youve done that you see a massive Torx bolt (T50 or T 60)

undo this then pull the wheel off (put yer feet on the dash an yank!!)

reverse process