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Ht53 *** 172 Cup

  1.6 Astra ... R.I.P. 182
theres a few in glasgow .... think there was at least 1 that was written off.
i will get the last 3 letters tomorro only asking because it come in to the dealers i work at and its a CAT D write of the bloke didnt know and the quote come to £3300 without body work.
  LY 200
Nathan H said:
renault uk pre reged a lot of ht53 cups end of december 03. mine is one and i know of at least another 7.

Yours the one on white wheels??

Sure i see its down basildon saturday night.
  Saab 93 Aero Wagon
My mate's Cup is an HT53 but he has moved to Nottingham and his girlfriend drives it now as she is still studying down here in Guildford.