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HTC Touch Diamond 2

  Mito Sportiva 135
Does anyone know when this will be out? And if so, on Orange?

Just got quoted £45 to get the HTC Hero, which seems quite a lot?
  Mito Sportiva 135
Think it is Windows mate.

Only thing on it over the Hero which seems better to me is the higher resolution screen, the Hero's still looks pretty impressive though. Just been reading some reviews sounds pretty good, as was the deal I got, what you think?

Handset - £40
18 month contract on Dolphin 30, 400 anytime minutes, unlimited texts, unlimited downloads (within reason!) and insurance, for just over £31 a month. Would have been about £25 without the insurance but thought it would be worth getting - do many on here bother with it or not?
  Clio 182
Insrance is one of those things, you take then sods law you wont need it but then if you dont take it, you will need it! its a bugger, but I always take it just in case! the hero sounds mint mate! enjoy :)
  172, Tiguan
Having been subjected to the sh!te that is the original Touch Diamond for the last 18 months, I will honestly say i'm never going to touch another WM device for as long as I shall be on this earth.