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hydraulic clutch kit for a 172


So here's the deal, I know that this models have a pretty stiff clutch pedal, and that was fine until some time ago.
The problem is that I have a genetic condition, that including other bad symptoms, has weaken my legs, and even made me loose almost all the haptic feedback.

So this car, is now a little more of a challenge for me to drive. I know that they are out there kits to turn the clutch from cable to hydraulic.
My, question is, does anybody have done this? If so what kit was used? Even if no one has done it, what in your opinion would be more suitable?


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Hi mate, I used the pure motorsport Wilwood pull type slave cylinder and bracket.. I used a dci clio hydraulic pedal box with an AP racing bulkhead master cylinder with custom fixings to the pedal and to fit the pedal box.. also a custom line. It’s not the lightest clutch but I run the Sachs performance clutch so that doesn’t help.

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