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I’m new... so Hi all

Id just like to say hello to everyone.

Im happy user of 91 16S & Im from (guess a little exotic for most of You ;)) country - Poland. So HI !



  Shiny red R32

Maciek hello and welcome from me too.

Poland? That is a long way from up here in Scotland. I bet it is pretty cold over there just now.

games... yeyeye lol, hope so :)

and Clio surely provides fun and... eh shes expensive lady ;)

cold... huh.. no in fact i believe that the climate doesnt differ that much to yours - scottish :) ...usually its not siberia you know and there are no polar bears or wolves running around. people dont live in igloos. but winter tyres re reccomended for cold season

heh... yeah Poland seems quite end of the worldish to you all doesnt it?

it;s not just me :) there is quite many of clios. Its not so popular like in Britain or france but there is quite a lot of these agile machines ;) some people still use clios in mountain races (dunno how it is called in eng - a short (4-5 km), twisty strech of road, uphill) and rallying.

you only need to make a little effort and search for them. :) there are some clubs of Clio owners (mostly cheaper versions, as we- poles are (usually) still not wealthy enough to make such em... crazy expenses - when you have equal to 20k EUR (thats apprx the price of 172)you just buy a Leon or Vectra or sthg else. Not many people want to spend that much money rather unpractically, but the number is still growing ;)

the gov seems to like to destroy automotive business in here - high taxes and so on... and famous DU investment (oh... disaster when they flooded the market with their crap, &now disaster again - bankrupcy) but were not giving up - there is quite a lot of enthusiasts who buy a new Scooby even though it costs around 35-37k EUR... we have some powerful cars around, but in general there is a unbridgable gap - unfortunately - in terms of fun driving, racing etc. Years of staying under influence of communists...

anyway guys - thanks for warm welcome
  Leon Cupra

Quote: Originally posted by maciek on 04 October 2002

its not siberia you know and there are no polar bears or wolves running around. people dont live in igloos.
LOL!!!:D nice one that did actualy make me laugh out loud. Welcome to the club mate, you will have to get some pics of your car up.


quote: "whats a 16s?" - its how my cars is (really... - it stands 16S) called - funny isnt it? :) and is rather normal valver :) Its made in second half of 91, first sold in france...

rhe fotos will appear in just a few whiles ;)

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me thinks Nick thinks Poland is a 3rd world country Maciek... lol ;)

Probably thinks you all run around in tractors and farming clothes... (Hes led a sheltered life)

Nice to meet ya mate...


They do dont they! Did not think they had tractors just horse and plough!! And they have real clothes not animal hides?!

Also it would have to be a bloody big tractor to run around in it!!

Welcome to the club mate!

you all make me laugh a little :) lol - its all ok whatever...nevermind... Do U want me to go outside and take some pics. of the mudhouses. plz dont want me to :

but remeber - Tommi Makinen & Marcus Gronholm begun with tractors too lol

as promised here come the photos

some more:

and spec:

91 60.000 km, NoCat ver.

stanard F7P + full Supersprint exhaust with S.steel manifold, K&N filter... (gearbox - second gear throws out ;) );;;;; Suspension - front H&R springs + Bilstein damp.(individually setup(rebuild) due to road surface here - original setup (for germany prob.) didnt have enough travel simply...) rear: Blistein dampers;;;;;brakes: rear - awfully standard, front - brembo Max discs+DS2000 pads;;;;;Wheels - white ATS motorsport lightweight15" (on some pics there are 17"exclusiveLine);;;;;interior: white dials (its been a lot of nightmares to fit them... ahh), Momo 02racing (deep dished - better suits my driv.position) st.wheel, schroth threepoint static harnesses.;;; no audio apart from engine,,,, guess thats all ;)


Maciek, welcome ! Good to see people from all over the world coming to

What is VALVE in Polish ? Does it begin with an S ?

Personally I think Poland is great because that is where the great Jerzy Dudek is from !


  Shiny red R32

Maciek, you look cute in your checked shirt and cut off trousers!

Cant be that cold in far off Poland, as you are in short legs and sleeves.

Are both cars yours Maciek?
  VW Potato

Maciek, hiya! My mums Polish (my dads Italian) so its a pleasure to hear from a fellow Pole, even if Im only half Polish! Theres a massive Polish community in the UK in Ealing, Aylesbury, Amersham, Slough and Farnham Royle - do you have any family in the UK?

all the best for now - drive safe!


wow.. thats a response...

GirlRacer... huh... erm.. well.. thanks... :oops:... sadly only the blue one is mine, it was only a test drive of a renaults V6...(for a mag - comparison btwn V6 and a S2000) . the shirt yess... now its under a jacket... cos its not that HOT actually... pic was taken in august , now its around 15oC and raining.. brrr

hype - im impressed - where do you know it from? czesc.. heehee

Daipac - I find some other reasons for which poland is better than worse (or maybe not... :cry:? ;) Valve in polish is zawor so no S, but i just found that in french its soupape - or sthg. like this ;) - so maybe this is the reason - anyway I never seen other 16S... seems to be uniqe :)

Scudetto - thats nice pleasure for me too, you know what... I think that the wife of father of my grandpa was italian :) - but how it;s possible that u m8 cant speak (write...) polish? :). unfortunately I have no family in UK...

I always drive safe... ;)
  R5 Gordini Turbo

On the continent the valver is called the 16S as the S stands for SOUPAPE, which is valve in French.

End of french lesson kids, now play nicely.
  VW Potato

Maciek, rather embarrasingly, my written language skills are a bit poor. I can understand a bit of Polish and a fair amount of Italian, but Im a little ashamed that Im not fluent in either of them. But hey, these things happen! :)


i was just kidding :)

and unfortunately my language skills in english (although prob. better than yours polish) are not good enough :( hope itll improve
  Clio 197


I have seen quite a few Polish cars at the ring this summer. Nothing too fancy of course, but still it is good to see them giving it a go.



  Shiny red R32

Maciek, you said you have no family in the UK -

We can all be your extended UK Family!


thats so nice I dont even know what to say... (or how to express it in english...) :)

Thanks GR :) that was cute :)

quote Capt:""joe.. ahhhhhhhhhhh blesssssssssssss

Sylvia slaps Slarty..... owwwww.""

that is not all clear for me? did I miss anything?

Edd - shame I wasnt there.. maybe next summer, when(if) some funds are found?

sorry Maciek my friend.. ;) - was being silly (crazy)

I was complimenting Sylvia (GirlRacer) on her mother-like:D desire to welcome you to the club.

ahhhhhhhh blessssssss is a silly way of writing the sort of noises a mother makes to her child - ie coo coo etc heehee

and then, I predict (guess what will happen) that Girlracer hits me in the head..


thanx "predict"=guess...blah blah... don;t udnerestimate me,&skills :) i know a bit ... anyway the truth is I understand much more than I can easily write (gues that is normal with foregin languages)..but not everything

sometimes cant catch the meaning when youre talking not straightforward

so my great translator explanator what is FAO (LMFAO ) & what does RWYB exactly mean

understand that: bollox - :) something like american bulls**t?

zorst - exhaust ("likeheardwritten"?)

thats all for now i think... if something difficult comes ill ask to explain...



it happend in 2 secs... hehe

its a insurance wright off -uh? wriGHt off? means ?

hope that (asking and bothering) doesn;t makes you annoyed?


Thank You very much..... erm.. Tutor :) hehe

Guide me through tricky labirynth of

what is very funny for me is that I notice almost every spelling mistake (in the words i know, cos its foreign l.) and it sometimes confuses me (like with this wriGHt off) cos i think - yeah i guess its "this", but maybe theres something specific that (it) means (what i don;t know) - You surely dont even notice it - in polish i rarely do.. :)

hehe thanks