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I’ve got some pics!!!

  FOR SALE - Mk1 V6

bloody hell, thats got to be computer image, thats f*ckin low!!!

does look a bit fake to me.....

Uh, I took the pictures.. The only "fake" thing about them are the blanked out numberplates.



Dropped by about 60mm all round! 92 j with about 30,000 miles on the engine.


No respray, just got busy with the polisher the day before the mag feature on Friday.;)

James g,

Im hurt!:( Its all original, no faking! got coilovers if you want it lower at the front!?!:)


Its already got some nice wheels on it!


mat, mine are back to the same colour as yours again.

i will try and keep it stock looking for a little while longer;)

Mr Brown....

you got it up on here then. I want to speak to you tomorrow. I want an insurance quote :)