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I cant believe it!



The bloke who was gona buy my v6 has backed out, He emailed me today saying ''ive had 2nd thoughts, i was after a mk2 but saw yours and rushed into it, sorry! you can keep the deposit"

Oh well, cant decide what car to go for next yet anyway, will give me more research time and stop me rushing into things like he did.

Made £100 out of it tho:approve:


£12ish without the plate

14k on the clock, immaculate

  BMW F31
why the hell did he back out! what a muppet, if i had 12k i'd bite your arm off for that with 14k on the clock!
iv currently found 57p and a wurthurs original down the back of the sofa - all whilst looking over at my cheque book and reminding myself 'its your deposit on a house' over and over lol
  Fiesta ST
If you knock the 1 off the front of the price I'd have it. :D Man I'd love to have £12k... that's a lot of dosh!
  Mustang, S13, AX GT
if enough people do the same you may not have to sell ;) I want, lousy insurance...
v6 is not that much on insurance as people think.

I had one and paid about £1300 with Greenlight at 22 years old with 1 years no claims.