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I got bumped!!!

  Was a 197
Someone ran into the back of me last night, no visible damage at all as i saw them coming and took foot off brake and starting moving, but still bumped me.

Had a look and only visible difference is the boot has to be slammed shut to actually catch and the bottom on the boot lid, the gap between the bumper and the boot lid has closed up a bit. Looks like the bumper has just come out of alignment and just needs resetting.

Anyone ever had to have this done, and if so how much????

Cheers Guys n girls x

The Chubby Pirate

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  Golf R
Did you get there details?

Get it checked by a specialist, if its now doing somthing that it never done before then its damaged
  Was a 197
Went to a bodyshop, a renault bodyshop, new bumper and guy was unsure if there was any stuctural damage. it has creased in a couple of places and the back of the car has been moved in a bit as he measured the distance between the back seats and the bottom of the boot.

Got the guys details, he gotta decide how he wants to do it
  LY R27
deffo get it done but i would get a quote and then see if the guy wants to settle without claiming. As you will have to declare that you have been involved in a claim even tho it wasn't your fault, thus potentially increasing your insurance next year.
  Black 197
mine was bumped last month, Taxi driver wasnt looking and hit me at about 5 mph, Didn't seem to be much damage bar a scratch on the diffuser.

Luckily i had no damage bar the scratch but due to modern design crumple zones they put a new bumper and diffuser on.

Get it done as you shouldn't have to slam the boot etc, It was fine before the RTC
  Was a 197
just a few squirrels in the 4x4 that hit me!!


Bigger problem now, was looking at the back of the car and it just didnt look right for sum reason, so i got te tape measure out and compared measurements to my dads 197, and the distance from the back of the seats in the boot to the boot ring was about half an inch shorter in mine than in his, hmmmmm that explains the boot not shutting properly.
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  ALBI 197 Sonic MKII
Always check your wheel well when you've been shunted. If your bootlid isn't closing as it used to, then it's crumpled and will need pulled out. Even a 5mph bump can crumple a wheel well. Very very weak area, for safety reasons.
  Was a 197
Wheel well is fine as is the boot floor, we'll see what other damage is there when they remove the rear bumper