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I hate insurance


ClioSport Club Member
  F31 330d

Need to renew my car insurance - am currently with Adrian Flux and paying £850 for my valver with mods declared. Just rung tesco and they quoted £699 for a standard non modded valver. Got a quote for mine (lowered + air filter + 16 inch alloys + ss exhaust) and they quoted me a staggering £943!!!

Now this pisses me off enough that I have to pay £250 to insure my mods but think how i felt when they told me I could insure a standard Williams on an M reg for £900.......

Someone please kill me now......
  320d M Sport

Watch it Joe, the Forum Police will have you for threatening behaviour!!

Insurance is an arse though (had to put that or the Off Topic Police would get me an all)


Forum Police... hmmmmmmmm,, hee hee hee hee.. sorry, all we have here is Barbie n Ken Fudge_Bucket n friends ???

LMAO !!:);)

Insurance is a tax dood, ... its a betting slip.. they is simply betting on you NOT having a bump and weighing up the odds... they aint out to go running to the scene of a bump to check the damage.. its all about moving cash around in a risk scenario.....

have you tryed companies that specialise in modded cars?? i found adrian flux expensive and tesco dont really do mods, im paying 400 notes for a clio as modded as your except the wheels.........thats with a company called HIC. They advertise in all the car mags............give em a call has got to be worth it!!

  Skoda Fabia vRS

ive posted this like a MILLION times on this forum, but here goes again, as im completely impressed with them


i went from £1180 TPFT with Flux, to £950 FC with Liverpool Victoria !!

They are good. I got a qoute for a valver for ubder 1k. Everyone else had been well over, or said they wouldnt insure me. But as I dont own one yet, I wasnt to bothered.

Brun how good are they for mods? Like what Mitsis got? When I get mine, I am looking at no more than that to start with.

  TT 225

Liverpool Victoria are good for low insurance grouped cars with lots of mods.

hey wouldnt insure me with the Willy cos I was too young.. but they would have insured me on a standard 1.2 clio with a willy engine?! silly.


ClioSport Club Member
  F31 330d

I tried Liverpool Victoria and they quoted me £985 with mods declared. Im 24 with 5 years no claims - Im sure i shouldnt be paying that much

Has anyone got a number for HIC - chuckie?

yeah its........... 08451 290 290. I dunno if it will help but tell them Emily Wilson recommended them to you..........

good luck mitsi, let me know how you get on........

  Abarth Grande Punto

Check this out, if you think that is bad!!!

I have a 1997 R 1.2 RN Clio. I am 19 and have been driving since March 2002.

My insurance Full Comp standard was £1150 which was good for new driver.

I declared my mods which are 16" alloys, Lowered 35mm and Remus 4" Exhaust.

My insurance company wouldnt insure me so I went to a specialised insurance co and they quoted me

£1400.00 Third Party Fire and Theft!

Thats £300 more but only 3rd party! I tried about 10 other companies and they couldnt get close to that quote. So i had to go with that!

And my Girl drives a new VTS with alloys, Full Comp for £1150.00!!!!!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! its not fair!":mad:


ClioSport Club Member
  F31 330d

CHUCKIE i owe you!!!!

HIC quoted me £675 with all mods!!!! Are u sure theyre kosher!!!! :confused:

Just gotta cancel my Adrian Flux rip off now!

Cheers mate

well i have been insured with them for 8 months now no problems so yeah i think they are glad they did you a good deal. did you tell them i recommended you?? im curious if that helped at all.......

my friend also had his rs insured with them for ages as well.


Herts Insurance Consultants have been going for ages.

They are pretty big on the VW sence and offer a guaranteed valuation.


try privilege! good for me, liverpool vic wanted to charge me 700 odd, IM 27!! rip off hehe, 1996 rsi, modded only cost me 350 with 3 points and my accident! not too bad