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I have a Viper I fit it or sell it

  ICE'dberg MK2 172

I have a Viper X winging its way to me and want your opinions whether its worth fitting or to sell it?
Does anybody on here have a MK2 172 with one fitted and if so had it RRd. What was the out come?? Power figures?? Ease of fitment? more imporantly does it work?? or does it mess up the fueling like Arjuns and the Hillpower one?

Or convince me to sell know how much they are so you could make me an offer
  BMW 320d Sport

Definitely fit it! Its not gonna mess up the fuelling its just doing its job! ECU can control extra fuelling usually to give it the extra fuel it needs to keep the mix right. But you may need more fuel, if so ring up Hill Power and get it sorted!