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i need more power


i want more power to my clio172 mk1

i have superchip and filter pipercross

i want more power what i can to do

  320d M Sport

go faster srtipe? Hmm, to be honest no-one seems to be makin huge power gains on the 172, which is a shame. There was a post regarding a turbo 172...for £4500!!!

  320d M Sport

dont u find that you only appreciate the 172 after driving other cars (eg i drove my birds Punto Sporting and it felt WELLLL slow, probably cos it is though)....


is any one try put a turbo on the clio172?

my friend have nos with shut 50bhp and hi very very strong !!!

but i want somthing constant like a turbo or charger
  CTR EK9 turbo

strip it out do the bones and run with no fuel in and no spare wheel, should shave of a second maybe?