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I Pick Up My 172 In Just Over A Week &...

  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

i was just wondering if there is anything that i should be careful with when picking it up from Motorpoint with it being an Import and everything. Also, i wanted to ask if i am likely to get mats with the car? as the UK Spec has them but i have been told by other people that i probably wont get any with the car.


Gaz 2130


  Shiny red R32

In my experience, you rarely get mats with a new car unless you ask for them, as car salesmen arent that generous!

My Clio came with two front mats with clips and one big rear mat. Also I get a practical trunk net, a 10 CD leather case, one Renault logo keyring and a media CD with flash aplicattions regarding the systems of the 172.

A month later I bought the rear courtain -very useful in Mexico City-

See you!

Yeah, same here. Which reminds me, how do you mount the net in the boot? I had a look but couldnt see how it attaches? But then, I am a bit useless at these sort of things.
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

I got mats with my car as well. It came with spikes to push into the floor and clip the mats to.

The net in the boot is fixed right near the base of the rear seats. There are two metal brackets to fix it to and also there are two metal brackets at the rear of the boot near where the tailgate closes onto.

cheers chavyboy, i was looking at the top of the rear seats as i thought it would just be used to store small items in.

Gaz, good to see you are getting your 172 so soon ! Will have to meet up if you fancy coming to Swansea to run the car in, put some miles on it through the Brecons, fantastic roads up there ! Let me know if you fancy it anyway ! Wanna see all the ICE in the car up and running !

As for mats, I got them with the car and the luggage net too so I was happy ! I should imagine you get them with the car but you will have to see, they were all in the boot when I picked up mine.

Also, you may want to check that it is not a Cypriot import as this is outside of the EU. Someone posted this problem earlier in the week about buying a car from Trade Sales so it may be worth checking mate !

Hope it all goes ok for you !

Daipac, it was me who posted about the cypriot imports for brothers 172! Just a quick question, I think you bought yours from showroom4cars as did I. Did they give you the key for taking off the plates on the wheel to get to the bolts or did they put it in the car somewhere? I cant for the life of me remember what I did with mine so many have to get a new one from renault but I just wondered if it had its own compartment somewhere I had forgotten.

PaulG, good memory as indeed I did get it from I am not sure but maybe the the ket in question is in the tool kit in the boot by the spare ? I am not sure, if it isnt then I have not got that key either. Anyway, a set of needle nose pliers will do the trick as was displayed when I forgot my key on my Corsa which is a very similar fitment. Not ideal but if you need to get it off in a hurry then these should do it.


I got mine from Motorpoint in Derby. I got no mats or net and all the manuals are not in English except the Radio one. They also tend to leave the car with no petrol in it. But the price was £4500 cheaper than the dealer so I didnt complain.

Have fun


Mine was from MP in Derby I got mats, net, 2 warning triangles, 2 first aid kits and a fire extinguisher.

Do I have the most goodies?

  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

thanks everyone, Daipac, What would it mean if it was a Cypriot import? Would I Have Trouble with insurance and warraties?

Gaz 2130

QUOTE: Dr. Wagner, what exactly are the flash files on the CD about? SMILEYSPOT.

They show you how the rain and light sensors work, also the greatness (sp) of the engine, like the sodium filled valves, the benefits of the xenon lights, the plushness (sp again) of the leather seats, the 4 colours available, etc.

If you are willing to pay the shipping I can send you a burned cd. I hope that it is not illegal. :cry:

Gaz2130, if its a cypriot import you wont have problems with the insurance, but you will only get a 1 yr manufacturers warranty instead of the usual 3 year one as the car is sourced from outside the eu.
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

thanks paul, i phoned the guy and the car has been sourced from within the EU so there is no problems.

Gaz 2130