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I think the head gasket has finally gone :(

  Dynamique 1.2 16v
last night when i moved my car into the garage for the night the car felt horrible very juddery very rough idle and the engine management was flashing. it was almost like it was miss firing but the car absolutly stunk of fuel so i left it as it was till this morning. Changed the spark plugs this morning started it up and it was fine for a few minutes but as soon at it warmed up it was back to how it was again. Gave it a few revs and them realised that it everytime i was revving it it was chucking out a load of greyey whitey smoke and also water. soo i think that its possibly the head gasket and its the fact that there maybe water in one of the cylinders which is causing the the horrible juddering and idle.

Anyone think different or any ideas?
  Dynamique 1.2 16v
Sounds possible, is there any signs of water in oil or vice versa? Is it getting warm? Have you carried out a compression test?

Had signs of oil in the water for ages but no creamy stuff, when i took it to my mechanic ages ago with the oilly stuff he said he wouldnt go as extreme as the head gasket just yet. The cars getting warm the heaters are working fine havent had a compression test done yet.