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I want a better Driving position

I love my Clio Sport but still, cannot get the best driving position, something went wrong when Renault designed it :confused:

Does anyone have an idea on how to improve the way we seat ?
  Clio v6

You could re-take you driving test in Italy. Its a long process though.

First lesson you have to throw yourself in front of a speeding train, then when your plasters are removed, your ready to "be seated comfortably"

Or you could try the old Chineese option of binding your feet from birth, but then your only option is a Saxo :D

Ooohhh!!! Now thats a good idea! Cheers Jeremy...

And dash - have I missed something mate? ;) Youre usually a little off-the-wall, but WTF?!! :D

  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

Quote: Originally posted by Jeremy Townsend on 05 March 2003

You can get the seat lower by removing the height adjustment frame

Is there a FAQ to do this? Being over 6 foot doesnt help me in the driving position.
  VW Potato

same problemo here. Im six foot, got long legs and I get very uncomfortable on long runs in the car. Problem is the seat base doesnt go back far enough, so my legs are kinda splayed and forced upwards, which puts pressure in my lower back. Then, to compound the problem, the seat back wont tilt forward far enough to support my back, so I tend to hunch forward. The seat itself is actually very comfortable, but if it had a fraction more adjustment, it would be fine for me. I had the same problem in the Golf - 34" legs are great for cycling, not for driving...



  Shiny red R32

Quote: Originally posted by RobFenn on 05 March 2003

Im used to very uncomfy seats and not being able to see over the dashboard so im ok!
Youre just a wee boy Rob!


so am i a little Jap racer.......ickle......yet oh so manly.....shhh, dont tell them im me mega hot instead...