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I was just wondering......

  7.6cc :D

has any other 172 got a 80mph rattle or is it just me???

because its really starting to p*** me off :mad:

*bad mood*
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Yepp quite a few have apparently it is the exhaust catalytic converter guard and needs to be errr Fixed with a large hammer from Renault.

I have it but I am going to sort if myself when I can be bothered.

I had that on my 172 how annoying it was...80mph is just a nice chill out motorway speed and youve got this bloddy rattle/buzzing....never got round to sorting mine out...
  Honda Civic Type R GT

mines developed a similar sort of rattle coming off the revs at around 6000. Anybody else ?



yeah i dont think theres a 172 without it! mines got a small rattle around the glove!

and some noise everynow and then near my right ear when drivin! grrrr

i just grin and bear it! just enjoy the good things about the car cos i cant be bothered to try and find it!