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I won!!!

Not exactly clio talk but it is was the only event my 16v has been to...

For those of you who dont know (most i should think) i co-drive in the KA challenge. We do all the British Rally Championship events (inc Manx...awesome!)

And this weekend was the final round, the Tempest stages, Aldershot...and WE WON! Its my/our first win in the KA and we beat all the pumas, polos and Kas. And we won class A5 which is for gpA cars up to 1400cc.

What a fantasic feeling, 16 stages over 2 days and we won by less than 20 seconds! Thats close. So overall 3rd in championship missing 2nd by only 1 point...Doh.

So I think my clio being in the service area must have been a good omen.

Just wanted to share that with you all!

Excellent result. As a racer too I know how hard it is to win, and what a feeling you get when you DO win.

Well done mate, I am hoping to race in 750mc stock hatch next year, dont think ill be in the winning positions, but will be a helluvalotta fun!! :)

Quote: Originally posted by adiclio16v on 28 October 2002

well done dood

our very own colin mcrae



Top job mate!!!!

Do you keep this Ka near you in teh west, or up north witht eh escrt rally car?

Adiclio: more like Nicky Grist.........
  Williams 2, STi N12

Well done mate, youll have to move into the big boys class next year then and run against me in Grp N

if i can remember hes got or is building a group 2 (or similar) MK2 escort.....but its running on XE power...ergh....